DA Colling plate/panel


well PAsswordJDM said they would be making one
My Question is, does it do anything?
we have no induction were they go
except maybe a crack of air between the hood and bumper but thats it
so would they?

I don’t think it does much on our cars, but then again most of Password’s knockoff parts don’t anyway. It would make the radiator support look a little cleaner at least.

thats what i thought
like you said i don’t think that will stop them.

Pat’s car is in the background of that picture. :sad:

who’s pat?
which car?

Patrick is a good friend of ours who recently moved back to Japan.


i was just on his site…did he ever put on the aluminum under panel?

I don’t know which under panel you’d be referring to. We were planning on finishing the rear diffuser and he redesigned his front splitter. Both are graphite epoxy pieces, though.


project stage 4

If you’re talking about the part in the picture, yes it was. It had been on the car for 3+ years before it was redesigned and modified for the Laguna Seca event this past January. Unfortunately, it was destroyed on February 19th on the way home from a Time Attack event at California Speedway.

on the way home? its a track car
wasn’t it flatbeded everywhere?

No sir, we only towed the car once, to Laguna Seca. Patrick had argued that he wanted to drive the car there, but 500 miles with 3.5 degrees of camber and 18 kg/mm springs wasn’t a good idea. The track we went to the most was Buttonwillow, which is a 2.5 hour drive up from Los Angeles/Orange County, and he drove it there every time. He is not your typical enthusiast (by today’s standards, at least) by any means.

i would,but i love driving so…
3.5 degree?
you got a shot of that?
thats crazy

You’ve never driven in a 100+ dB stripped race car with a cage and buckets, loaded up with tires and tools, with 30 lbs. of camera equipment in your lap on 18K springs then. 2.5 hours is long enough to make you hate life for a while, 7+ hours isn’t something I’m willing to contemplate. It ended up taking us about 10 hours to get up there, and 9 or so to get home, all in a 30 hour period.

One lap around the track makes it all worth it though. Every time.

+4.5 degrees of caster as well. It was originally 5 but the tires wouldn’t clear the wheel wells so it had to be backed off.

1.no i have not
2.what kind of tires are those?
3.Whats the little tube off to the right?
4.I have my camber at 1degree and thought i was bad ass.lol

They are Advan A048Rs. The small tubes you see are brake cooling ducts, and the large one covering the passenger brake duct is an intake tube extension that goes to a carbon intake scoop in the passenger side turn signal slot.

did he/you make that traction bar?

The front piece is a Full Race crossmember, the rear he and Alex Pfieffer made a few months ago. It was originally just a lower tie bar, but was redesigned to be stronger (because the old one bent under cornering load) and incorporate welded tabs for the rear lower diffuser to mount to.

Oh, and for the record, I can’t take much credit for anything on this car, really. He built it and drives it, I just help out with ideas and labor, and engineering stuff when needed. I’ve put as much of myself into this car as I have any of my own, so I consider it “my project” since that’s what I would consider the heart of being an enthusiast.

very nice
i have a question, if vtec if variable lift and timing electronic control then what is i-vtec intelligent right?

also you wouldn’t happen to have a 92-93 oem grill would you, some kid thought it would be funny to kick mine in at work.hahahaha