da/db wish lists

ok i know im not the only one that wishes there was more products made for the da db well heres a list of some of the parts i wish u can add to the list

oem side skirts with door pieces in carbon fiber or water other material

92 rear lip

exhaust lip actualy having one made atm

carbon fiber sunroof visor might b having one made soon

carbon fiber bumpers

carbon fiber front bumperlight delete

feel free to add i had more but got brain freeze

What about a CF cargo cover?? Or a complete set of CF panels for the people going all out?
CF side trimming would be cool,and the fender trim with the Vtec on it,but made of CF?

DELETE,dabble posted…lol

ma boy can make some smaller parts idk how big he can make but hes makin me the exhaust cover and a carbon sunroof visor

basicaly gona kinda look like this

Ummm,that is some great work,i like that.

hes a member on here hes a beast cant wait for him to make ma sunroof visor to match my carbon isport rear visor

carbon fiber rear wing for the 4dr the oem style
carbon fiber door handles

I want one of those carbon exhaust cover!

might be a bit excessive, but a full, form fitting CF dash mat… with or without clock cutout.
CF arm rest cover.
and yea, a CF cargo cover would be pretty slick.

oem style CF hub caps? lol.
why not, everyone has RIMS why not pimpin CF hubcaps for our steelies instead of boring grey plastic? :stuck_out_tongue:
it would also give us a reason to get a set of awesome lug nuts to show off.
cause putting a set of colored locking lug nuts on dirty black steelie rims… not so cool.

ok kinda kidding about the hub caps, but i wonder if anyone has given it much thought.

I would like to see my black da9, windows tinted dark, with all CF side molding, complete CF front and rear bumper, side skirts, sunroof visor, hatch visor… not sure about window visors.
I don’t know if I would ever drop the cash on something like that but I’m curious how it would look as a complete package.
don’t think i would do fenders/hood/hatch.

well hello gentlemen…i am making the pieces LSJDMTEG talks about. the exhaust covers were kind of just a one-off part for jeff, but if there is some interest i will make more. the real carbon part i am focusing on making right now is the front bumper carbon air duct. seen here:


i am having trouble with the mold, and am fixing it (again) to get some more of these made, and i will put together a complete air duct kit, with the hose and all.

as far as all the other parts suggested, (dash, side mouldings etc…) anything is doable with time & money. i am staying with smaller parts for now, as i dont have the space really to make molds of the bigger stuff. that will happen when i get a house & garage. as for a carbon dash, there was a company a few years back that was making a “universal fit” honda dash. cant remember who it was…
someone was also making carbon door panel inserts for a while, i believe on hater-tech.

as for a carbon cargo cover, i have one. sitting in the car right now. ill grab some pics this weekend.

cf hiro spoiler.

A valve cover would be neat,i know they make them already but still.
The hubcap idea is cool,i have stock caps on my car and yeah,the gray is gay…lol
You said only small things right?
For sure the fender (VTEC) moldings as you can’t find the OEM ones anywhere.
You can make all the switches CF,just pull the stock ones apart and mold the outer casings and there you go.
Map lights and dome,sun viziers and the “O SHIT BARS” lol
Clock casing,and anything else you can think of would diff be cool.

Carbon fiber 92-93 Front bumper mated with a JDP OE2 lip because it looks so sexy.

hey low i got another idea for the rear lip since the accord lip is in 3 pieces once i get it fabbed up could u do it in carbon fiber ?

I’d just like something to cover the gap between the steering column plastic and the NRG quick release.

… Everything in carbon fiber these days. Huh… Why not just say screw it and have a entire DA/DB made of carbon fiber. It’ll be ultra JDM.

lol Dam Alan.

MAdD JdM YOoOoO!!! lol

wats wrong with it? N its not trying to be( jdm ) its just trying to have something diff something custom idk bout u but i like to be different.

A type r rear wing.