DA/DC Hybrid Suspension ???

I have a 90 Integra with 17" rims, cheap struts and a arospeed coilover kit. I read the hybid suspension article and can get DC forks for $20. I was thinking of getting skunk 2 full coil-overs for a DC integra because the article says that DC struts are 2.5 inches shorter Than the DA struts. So what I am thinking is that I can turn the adjusters all the way up and the shock piston will be able to travel further resulting in a lower smoother ride??? Has anyone done this or have any suggestions of where i could find the answer? The only reason I don’t want to get DA coilovers is because what I found out is that when you lower a car, the distance between the top of the shock body and the bottom of the mount decreases, which increases the chance of it bottoming out, the only reason I want to do the hybrid suspension is because I think it will increase this distance. Any input would be great, thanks…

this has been covered. use the search button :search:


thanks, That’s just what I needed, anyone have any pics