Da Sun Roof Visor & Bra


i believe they are discontinued new. they both are interchangeable except for the bottom portion of the bra. they differ because the bumper styles are different.


Are you trying to cover up some damage? Yes, the hood piece should be the same. IMO, I was pretty sure you couldn’t order the hood piece separate, if they even make them anymore.

Do they even make the sunroof visor anymore too? My guess is no.


i got one and i’m located in stockton…dunno if i wanna sell it though lol…goodluck


haha, how much you willing to offer? That’s the real question.

can someone post a pic of how the sunroof visor is attach to the car, because i got one but all i have is the visor, and the screws that go on the visor. isn’t there something attached to the car? i want to see how it looks like. so i can just make my own.


Okay, I’ll try to be imaginative. The clip looks like the letter “J”. The top end has a tab which is attached to the visor by nuts and bolts. The “hook” of the “J” latches on to the edge of the roof such that as you tighten the bolts, the “J” is pulled closer to the visor and pulls against the roof. It’s this tension that keeps the visor fixed on the roof.

really? i swear there was another piece involed? but hey thanks. i’ll try it out tomorrow.

My oem bra doesnt have a lower bumper piece. Its 2 sides that go around the side markers and the hood piece. Its oem acura.

Maybe they sold 2 diffrent styles.

Just a word of precaution on the bras: dirt tends to accumulate between the bra and the car body. More often than not, when sand gets in that gap and the bra moves around during the normal course of business, it rubs the sand against the hood therefore scratching the surface. You’ll have to clean that thing out on a regular basis and this could be a pain. The teg’s hood is bad enough as it is without a bra. For some strange reason, I always get these pockmarks on the hood as if it were sandblasted by stones and what have you coming from the car in front of me. So far I’ve been lucky since I painted the hood with some really strong industrial-grade paint (flat black). I’ve seen bra-damaged hoods, and between those and the sand-blasted hoods, I’d prefer to have the latter.


this is a picture of how the visor is held on. yup right under the rust lol:rockon:

I agree with torralba, bras are pretty much not a great idea. They do prevent knicks in your paint, but IMO, they look goofy and they actually end up damaging your paint in the long run, even if you wax well before putting it on. You have to take them off regularly to make sure there is no crap trapped in there.

My 91 has the OEM sunroof visor.

ive got the oem sunroof visor and i have the hatch visor also… hmm if you looking to purches both i will sale… you can contact me at 832-883-9823 the name is eric…

thanks for the picture. i’ll be putting it on soon.