DA suspension

ok well im balling on a budget and need to do my suspension when i get the money. i am wanting a nice ride quality since i will DD it, and definately dont want it bouncing everywhere lol. what is the best bang for my buck on the cheaper side of things not wanting a 500$+ suspension just something to lower it about 1-2 inches give it a nice stance and not bottom out everywhere. thxx

find yourself some lowering springs and if u still have some $ left over then find urself some aftermarket struts like tokico blues. they aren’t that much better in performance when compared to stock, but they are good oem replacement. to find those used should be fairly cheap. i’d say total it would cost $150-300.

wel f im getting shocks i was gunna get new ones since you neverknow how many miles theyve realy been on a car if you get used, but i would buy some good used springs

i would get some tokico illuminas cost a little bit more but worth it since they are adjustable then find some used springs and ur good to go.

is there a sponsor on here that sells the illuminas? and how much more. im building a mild ls-v so its not like i have 200+hp under my hood or nething, it just sounds nasty as hell when i hit bumps in town and ive never taken a car to the track but i will when i get this car all done. so i guess what im asking is do i need adjustables?

Why don’t you save a those 500 bucks save a little more and get some Ground Control with Koni yellows.

I never understood why people are in such a rush to lower there cars. Save the money and do it right.

Like right now for example I’m going to lower my new daily driver but I’m buying the Lexus F sport spring along with the Belstien shocks. Hell I know it’s 800 bucks more but I will be 10 times happier with the results instead of just slaping on some springs on stock shocks.

im getting new shocks ne ways and im in no way road racing or tracking it or nothing i dont need a 1000 dollar suspension just something to give it a nice stance, ride well, and not be bouncy or bottom out.

why the heck are u guys suggesting illuminas or gc/koni for a guy that only wants to lower his stance and keep an oem feel? :read:

yea new struts is a good idea, just make sure u look into how much they are. used springs are fine as long as they aren’t cut even more. i do not know if u are installing them yourself so if u aren’t gonna do the work, then take into account the price for installation.

me and my friend will be putting them on so instalation is free. what do you suggest??

I am by no means any sort of expert but I’ve read a lot on here wrt to suspension. I finally chose the Eibach Prokit (lowers 1.8" f/1.4" r) with new KYB Gr2 shocks. Looks good, not too low, I rarely scrape, just over bad driveways or speed bumps. It feels a bit better re: handling. Shocks feel a tiny bit more harsh.

I’m happy.

ya i think im going to go with the tokiko blues and maybe some neuspeed or h&r springs

yea those are good choices. eibach springs are pretty good too.

if i can find a good priced set of used ones i would get them

If your interested I have a complete set of Sprint XS shocks and Sprint lowering springs im selling. I beleive it was a 2.25 or 2.5" drop. One shock was assembled so it’s not brand new, but they were never installed on the car or driven on or anything.

price shipped to 64507?? i found a set of monroe shocks for 150 from a buddie, i was plannin on just looking for springs

Was thinking somewhere in the $300 range.

I’m sure you can find a set of brand new Neuspeed Race Springs and Eibach Prokit Springs for around $200 online. Add that together with your $150 shocks and you got yourself a set for around $350.

ya i know im stil going to wait and see if i can find a used set. i know a guy with teins that he had on his EF with a 2in drop but idk if they will work 4 me since my car is heavier. also has ne one heard nething nad about these shocks

ok so buddyda says if i get tein 2" drop springs and monroe struts it is going to blow my struts when i hit a big bump? is that right? and also how much camber do you think i will have with this setup? enough to where i need a kit?

What about saving up some extra cash to get what you really want instead of settling for something cheap?