DA Thin Side Mouldings BENT! Help**

I purchased some JDM Integra 90-93 Thin Side Mouldings from JDM Response on ebay.

When I recieved apparently the 2 door mouldings got bent during shipping. Unfortunately the package wasn’t insured - I know I’m a dumbass-

But I was wondering if there’s a way to order 2 new Honda Door mouldings just the for the doors itself since the rest are still in good condition.

Or if there’s anyone out there who have repaired any of them before.

Thank you for reading my post.

How bad are they bent? They might be fixable.

welcome to my world. i had 3 sets ordered ALL of which got bent. thats UPS for ya.

luckily the last set wasnt too bad, i just decided to keep them

They are actually creased in the middle. I’m in the process of trying to fix them. I just wanted to know if say I can’t fix them. Is there a place that I can pick up just the L/R Door Mouldings and not the quarter panels or fenders.