DA with falken hanabi rims

Does anyone have pics of their DA with falken hanabi wheels?Was thinkin of picking up a set but wanted to see what they look like on the car first.

how much do these cost?

Found them in 15" model at edgeracing.com (I looked at the pic, and did my own research) for $95 a rim on sale from $145 a rim.

15" @ $95 = http://www.edgeracing.com/1990/Acura/Integra/wheel/1013/

17" @ $110 = http://www.edgeracing.com/1990/Acura/Integra/wheel/1002/

18" @ $135 = http://www.edgeracing.com/1990/Acura/Integra/wheel/1007/

No clue of stock, I just like the rims. They apparently also come in a silver color.

Edit: OP, I was responding to post #2, not you. Sorry if there is any confusion. Nice rims. Like them.

cant believe nobody has these on their DA.Anyone?


i will soon.like in about two weeks.i’ll post some pics when i do

cool man.please dont forget to post pics

as soon as i get them!!

dont worry i wont.

HERE I AM TO SAVE THE DAY!!! jk guys. i love these wheels! yeah i also got mine at edgeracing and theyre 15s. 11 lbs each is awsome for such an inexpensive wheel.


aaww man!!you had to ruin it.jk.looks nice.hopefuly looks nice on my silver teg!!

sorry to steal ur thunder man! have fun with those wheels theyre pretty sick.:rockon:

I wonder if the bronze ones look good a a red teg

Reed i was just about to post your car up… thanks now i won’t:rockon:

nice Reed, Im gonna have to see those up close sometime soon here :up:

Reed i was just about to post your car up… thanks now i won’t

thanx ryan. couple people in our area seem to have become fans of these wheels now! yeah glynn you would have been able to see em when i bought that fender but…my car was in peices at the body shop…sad day.

hey glynn one more thing! (sorry to thread jack) how are things holdin down over there in your neck of the woods after those tornadoes? they had my whole school on lock down for a few hours, whats up over there?

i got these! dont know how old this post is, but ive had mine for about 4yrs now! i personally like the look of them. the anodized bronze on a white db, dc, now da

27 Jan 2008 18:55:13

Its just a few months old… :wink:

Pictures or GTFO!

25 months isn’t that long ago lol

[QUOTE=unified112;2192753]27 Jan 2008 18:55:13

Its just a few months old… :wink:

Pictures or GTFO![/QUOTE]