Dad asked me about the possibility of getting rid of my car.

My mom, My dad, and I went to a Christmas party at a friends and it was just a small get togther. It was us and our friend and a few members of his family. My dad mentioned to me on the way over there what I would think about selling my G2 and he would give me our Ford Ranger. He wanted to suggest it to me because he’s going to see if he cant buy our friends moms ford excursion. I told him I really didnt know and that I would think about it. He said thats fine because he still had to see if our friend wanted to sell it. Anyway, For those of you who didnt see my thread “Teggy got vandalised, Need your help!” my Teg just got broken into last week. They stole all of my sound equipment. They took my stereo, My kicker with two 10’s and my kenwood 750 watt amp. Anyway, My car literally just got the glass replaced last night. It costed $175.00 plus tax. So I think it came out to be $183 and change. Why in the hell would I want to sell my car after putting a few grand into it? Nothing runs like a Honda and he asked me if I wanted to sell it and he’d give me the ranger and he’d go buy the excursion from our friend. Im most likely going to tell him that I dont want to sell my G2. It may be damn near 20 years old and it may not be the prettiest car out there, But I’ve put a couple grand into it and just got it where I want it to be and to be honest, Im still not really finished with it. Theres not alot to do, But now I have to have my driver side retinted and theres a few miscellaneous projects I want to do to it. The Ranger is a nice little truck. It’s KBB’d at over 5k. I know my dad would be lucky if he got 5 for it, But even if he didnt, He’s still going to end up with a few grand for the truck if we sell it, compared to my car we wont get more than a small fraction of what I’ve invested in it. I mean dont get me wrong, The truck is 4WD and is in great condition and it would be nice to have when we get a bunch of snow, But I just cant imagine parting with my G2, I’ve got to much money invested in it and to many good times. I mean it’s my first car, Or what my brother likes to refer to it as: “My $700 peice of shit” and he only refers to it as that because I bought it from one of his exes. But that $700 peice of shit has come in mighty handy whenever his $5,000 current peice of shit has broken down and it also came in handy when his previous $5,500 peice of shit broke down and it even came in handy when he screwed his G2 up and was doing all kinds of half assed work to it and then sold it for practically nothing. My dad told me that we would either sell my car, and he would give me the ranger and then go buy the excursion. Or, He would sell the ranger and then go get the excursion if they decide to sell it. I know it’s ultimately my decision, But I guess I just want to hear some opinions on whether or not to sell my G2. What would you do?

seems like you have more reasons to keep it.

I know I mentioned this in my original post. But, I know it’s ultimately my decision. But, If you were in my positon, Would you sell your G2 or hang onto it? I mean I could see selling my G2 if I was going to get a nice big fat chunk of change out of it. But I know I wouldnt get nearly as much as I would think its worth or nearly as much as I want. My dad even said this on the way to the christmas party: “We’re not going to get nearly as much out of your car as you put into it.” So that tells me, I’d be much better to just hang onto my G2.

the truck sounds like a good deal but i can tell you are a true g2’er…lol. im the same way i would sell everything else i own befor selling my g2.that means alot…im sure you would get it figured out.

The Ranger is in excellent condition and I wouldnt mind having it. But my dad kind of stated a valid point in his arguement that kind of works against himself. If we sold my g2, We’re not going to get but a small penny for it compared to what I’ve invested into it. I would much rather sell the ranger since he would end up with more money. I dont know, I guess I’ve got some thinking to do. I have to agree, I am a real g2’er.

Sell the ranger lol. I was in the same spot like you sort of. My bro had a Nissan 06 Titan and asked if I wanted to trade for it. I was like ehhh…the truck is wroth wayyy more money than the DA…but the gas is too much for the truck…I was thinking of doing the trade and I can buy me a newer gsr or just get a db2 again and have extra cash…or possibly trade the Titan for a newer Honda/Acura…but I like my car…I put work into it too and still needs a ton of work…so what happen was my bro sold his truck and I’m still DD my car everyday…no regrets…stuck with g2 for life and proud of it…

I’ll wait for my dad to ask me what I’ve decided. I think im going to tell him to just go ahead and sell the Ranger. I cant imagine not having my G2.

That is he can sell the truck if his friends mom still wants to get rid of her excursion.

sounds like you should keep it bro, sucks it was vandalized, makes u doubt building the car any further, but dont give up dude youll probly get no where close to what u want for your teggy so just keep it… as for the car it wasnt wrecked or destroyed completely so its still a highly potential car… but yea man good luck with this and i hope u keep it…

i sold my da about a month ago and picked up a cr-v. when it came down to it, it was about practicality. if i didn’t feel i needed something more practical, i wouldn’t have sold it. i also ended up getting more for the da than i paid for the v. but if you don’t need a truck for any particular reason, and you’re going to get more for the ranger if sold, then just keep the da. i get attached to my cars too. i love them almost as if they were living beings. but when it’s time to go, it’s time to go. something you have to do to make way for the new.

Yeah it did kind of shake me. But I dont have to terribly much left to do to my car to get it to where I want it to be. But then again, Plans always evolve and change. I got the new window installed. I should have the new window retinted in the next week or two. Once the window is done, Im just going to get another stereo, Which will probably run me $75 to $100. As for the speakerbox, Im not going to worry about that right away. Now that this has happened, I may start dumping money into security.

I want to sell my DA and get a newer, more practical car as well… i’m tired of scraping my exhaust on shit and replacing things here and there.

don’t give in… my buddy’s parents made him get rid of his MINT condition 89 prelude w/ optional oem center console, oem fogs, oem floor mats, with only 220k km on it because it was “so old”… he now drives a stock volvo

is ur car b50m??? paint code… if so DONT DO IT LOL JKJK… but seriously if you can get another daily…keep the DA. youll just want another one within 5 years lol

I’ve thought it over. The Teggy wont be going anywhere. It’d be smarter to get rid of the truck. My dad suggested it to me because he seemed to think I really liked it. (Word of mouth from my alcoholic uncle who thought I looked good drivnig it.) And not that I dont need it, But it’s a gas guzzler and the only reason I could see myself wanting it and the main reason my dad asked my mom if I would rather them sell my car and give me the truck or sell the truck is because it’s 4WD, Which is nice. But they maintain the roads around here when it snows and I’ve already had my crash course in winter driving and how to drive if there is still ice on the road.

After driving the Excursion around for a few months, I have a feeling he will want the Ranger back.

44 Gallon gas tank @ 8 mpg…

My dads stubborn. He has to learn his lessons the hard way. But he said it’s deisel, I believe. and at least where im at, I think deisel may be slightly cheaper or the same price as gas.

Post a picture of your car…

I’ll have to download some onto my computer, or take new ones. I dont have any on my laptop and im not sure if my mom has any of my car on hers. So, I’ll look through the camera memory cards tonight and see if I cant find the pix of my Teggy. If I cant find them, I’ll snap some tomorrow afternoon.