Damage to Rear Suspension, Fixing it myself

Hey guys, im not sure if you read but i introduced my 91 LS to a tree not too long ago and am now trying to fix the rear left suspension myself to make it possible to test drive.

Part of the problem was the Compensator Arm was knocked out of alignment, I fixed that. Another part of the problem was the upper arm had bent out of shape, fixed that.

Sadly the wheel is still toe out (but the camber has been fixed), I dont know what else it could be? Any suggestions? I will put it back up on the bricks tomorrow and get some photos of it all if that will help

Hopefully you can help me out


Bent lower control arm or front conrtol arm (used to adjust the toe)

Fixing the camber will not correct the toe. They are 2 different types of adjustment.

the inner bolt on the compensator arm is for adjusting toe. See if you can set your toe by sliding that around, if not then the whole trailing arm or LCA is probably bent.

Second Look

On second look the upper arm is bent, so even after adjusting the toe using the adjuster bolt at the front of the suspension the toe is still out, I dont think the leading arm is bent, the impact was more along its length than against its length. Will a bent upper arm affect the toe in/out?

Thanks again for your help

If the upper arm is bent it will affect the camber not the toe.