Damaged doors....

hey guys i got a pretty bad dent in my drivers side, the door gets stuck and all and i got a decent dent in the passenger side door also. i can pick up a set of doors for 300$, im going to check them out tomorrow to make sure theyre in good shape but my question is how hard would it be to replace them with the new doors? thanks!

Taking doors off an installing new doors is pretty darn easy. Make sure you have a friend help you because they are SUPER heavy and lining them up can be very tricky.

good luck

do you think its the door itself making it stick when opening it? the new doors would fix that?

Are those brand new? $300 is alot for used doors

150 each door? if its in good condition ill pick them up if i cant find them some where else

150 per door, wow. I sold the door off of my shell for 50. i wish i know that was the going price for them.:frowning:

thats how much its going for at the junk yard near me. maybe i can talk them down then? haha hopefully

junkyards around my area charge about 60 a piece for complete doors with door panels

where are the dents located ? the dent would ahve to be pretty large to cause getting stuck .unless its near the front fenders and there getting hung up on them . Or if there at the bottom then yeah i can see them getting stuck open …

as for installing the doors ,yes its pretty simple .remove the front fenders pop the pin from inside the car for the door stopper or whatever there called .just tap the pin from the bottom up and out .

have the door shut ,unplug the harness
remove the 2 bottom bolts 'i wanna say there 12mm then the top ,open the handle pull and lfit away .

another tip from me is leave the window it self down unless you plan to fix them ,but doesn’t sound like you are haha

good luck