Dash Kits

anyone know where I can buy complete dashes from a website or so? I searched and came up with nothing.


looking for original dash, or an aftermarket fiberglass dash? need more info. if looking for original i got one thats pretty much mint! but i need more info :shrug:

I got a metra one from best buy but to tell you the truth I’m not happy with the fitment.

well does it involve some customizing? but if it is aftermarket, its sure it wont fit like stock. good luck on that though if it gets in nicely show me pics, wanna see how that turns out.

my god …do people not read the freaking post? “the metra kit from best buy” is a goddamn headunit intallation kit. the kid wants a COMPLETE DASH as stated in the first post. :wtf:

anyways dude…sorry i cant help. i found one awhile back but i cant seem to find it now…im searching for it but so far i couldnt find it.
ill let u know if anything shows up.


Well if the kid wants a complete dash board starting a topic named dash kits isnt a very good way to get help. :squint:

i saw bestbuy dash and i was like wtf… than with that other post i realized what he ment

as for a new dash… acura wants right around $500… they can only get black and blue models…
im sure u could talk to some of the ebay dealerships… they might have one around they will unload on u for like $300 shipped

yea i realize that…i just felt like bein a dick. :slight_smile:
but did he not ask, in the post, where to get complete dashes from?

not being ignorant to you dude. just happened to feel like bein cocky lol.

im ok now tho. :werd:

ok is it just me or did no one really answer the question yet? because i would kinda like an answer as well… my dash is lookin kinda old lol well it is old just about 13 years in fact lol so if someone had info on complete interior dashes not stereo dashes but the actual dash board

read my post 2 up

Ya, I guess reading the whole post does help sometimes. :up:

But anyway, why the fuck would you want to buy a new dash for?? :think: Get a used one for god sakes. My dash is 15 years old and has 185K on it and still looks brand new. Just find a good one from a wrecked car or something.

my dash is in perfect shape except for the front part… with the window out (when i was getting it changed) it looked like u can unscrew that little trim piece and change it out… if we could only find a company that makes them