Dash light went out

I turned on my headlights and my dash lights just turned off. Probably fuse blew. Anyone know which fuse it is?

It’s the same fuse as your taillights.

checked the fuse, replaced it. Still no lights and no tailights. What now?

help guys, no break lights, gotta drive mad carefully

have you recently gotten altezzas? or modified your tail lights in any way…I had the same problem a few monthes back… I examined all the wires (a real pain) and found a slice in one of the wires, this grounds the system and will always keep blowing your fuse therefore making it inoperable. Check all the wires going with the tail lights, and if you find any slices, cover the area with electric tape…


Good Luck

Yes, just as ravSta said… check any electronics and wiring that you may have recently worked on. This happened to me once after I installed a new deck. One of the wires were ground and it kept blowing a fuse everytime I turned on my lights. Annoying as hell. Might as well go down to Shucks and buy a box of 15 amp fuses.


here’s how it happened…my friend put in for me those piece of sh!t apc neon shift knobs. It was connected to the dash lights. One day i was driving and i shifted hard and it just broke off. I went to autoparts store and bought a regular one. I had no electrical tape to cover up those loose wires. At night when i turned my lights on, they just turned off. Like i said i checked and replaced the fuse and taped up those wires but still nothing. I replaced with a 30a fuse? is that ok? or should i go buy 15a fuse.

better stick with the 15s. :wink:

but thanks for mentioning the part about it being your shift knob…:rofl:

replaced the fuse and tested the fuse. But no lights and no brake lights. I spend like an hour underneath the kick panel looking for any loose wires, checked everything where the loose wires were. NOTHING. My friend says that it’s my harness and it’s messed up or something. Any ideas?

Does the fuse still blow after you taped up the loose wires and put in a 15 amp fuse?
If it does, do you see the lights flicker on for a fraction of a sec before the fuse blows? If that is the case, then there is still a loose wire around somewhere.

If the fuse doesn’t blow anymore, then you fixed your loose wire.
The bad news is that you may have burned something out when you ran a 30 amp fuse instead of the 15. We have fuses for a reason and you should never use a higher than recommended one.
This happend to my buddy once. He had to take his Celica to Toyota to have them diagnose what unit was burned out. Cost him a load of $$$ too.

I think i burned something besides the fuse when i had this short. Not because i put in the 30a fuse. Now im in some ****, i dont know where to start. Think i should replace the whole harness?


ok, i figured it out almost.
I had a blown fuse for the horn and back lights in engine fuse box. I replaced that and i got that working but still not instrument lights. Looking at previous posts, it might be the dimmer switch so im gonna go get one from the junkyard.

sheeeyat, i got the same problem man, all of a sudden, one day my instruments stopped workin… i have no idea whats wrong w/it. Let me know wat u did w/urs and how u fixed urs, the only diff. on mine is dat my corners got blown, but my back lights are still good…

Check ur dimmer switch also
im gonna get one from the junkyard maybe it’ll solve the problem

yea, ill prob. do dat some time soon, my bro has a shop and everythin too, and he has a spare teg lyin around… yea i got it good, but thx and let me know how it goes for ur car…

ok i have the same peoblem with my car. the dash lights and tail lights don’t work and that fuse keeps blowing. i had the car painted like a month ago so i was reading that i might be a wire around them. so i will take it apart tonight and have a look see.