dash lights

I just installed indiglo gauges in my car. The gauges are in fine. I was driving around to make sure the spedometer cable was in right, everything was fine. I looked in my rear view and a cop was following me. I needed to make a u-turn to get back home and i couldn’t do that without using a turn signal cause of the cop. Turn signals don’t work if the hazard relay isn’t plugged in (I still had most of the dash out of my car). So, i grabbed the hazard relay and plugged it in real quick. I accidently plugged it into the rear defroster relay and shorted something out. now none of my dash lights work (air vent lights, a/c, cig lighter), including my indiglos. I know they’re installed right cause they were working until something shorted them out. My rear defroster won’t work either. My clock, head unit, and lights in the gauge assembly (brake, high beam indicator, etc…) still work. I checked the fuses but none are blown. If anyone has any idea what’s wrong please help me out!

Thanks, Brent