Dashboard doesnt turn on until key is in III

When i turn the KEY to stage II my oil light and battery light are supposed to light up and it should beep like usual. Now only my radio works when KEY is in II and my dashboard does not light up until i turn they KEY to stage III and attempt to start my car. My car starts and immediately stops. Can someone please help me with this problem? I appreciate any tips or previous problems related to this. thanks.

maybe u have a ignition switch issue. like the tumbler and rest of the assembly within the steering column. some have had somewhat similar issues where the car wouldn’t stay on unless u hold the key in the on position or even the start position.

That is exactly what is happening with my DA. The car will only stay on if i hold the key in III. Otherwise it will die out. What should i do to fix this problem? Could it be a fuse maybe?

You will need to replace the ign. switch…
You only need the switch itself, [and ign. switch harness] you do not need the key cylinder/steering lock housing and a diff. key then your doors, the ign. switch can be disconnected, [2 Philips screws] from the key cylinder housing.
The switch can also be repaired, [sometimes]… http://www.tegger.com/hondafaq/ignition_switch/index.html 94

Looks like you know what your talking about. I will attempt to replace/repair my ignition switch. I could get a switch from the local junk yard or try and repair my old switch. i just hope this will fix my starting problem. Thanks for taking the time to help me out. I will submit reply once i get my switch fixed. :wink:


Sorry for the late reply. I just replaced my Ignition Switch the other day and my car has been running fine since. I was looking for a replacement switch and thought the price was kinda high so i went to look at the junkyard. I was lucky to find one switch in the entire yard. It had an alarm hooked up but i just clipped the wires and reconnected them. i followed the instruction link on this page and installed the switch. Thanks for the all the help. I really appreciate it and my Teg would be sitting collecting dust if it wasn’t for you. :rockon: