dashboard lights/ rear brake lights fuse keeps blowing :(

fcm where you at i know you prob. have some good input…

basically its what the title states. I keep blowing the fuse that powers the dashboard lights and the back rear lights. I really honestly have no idea whats causing this or how to even go about figuring it out.

At first i thought maybe the connections for my indiglos was bad because I have that wired into the same circuit but its not that…any ideas? or any ideas on how i could figure out whats causing this?

If you are talking about the park/dash lights, [fuse 11 - 15A] then the first thing I would do, if you have an aftermarket HU, is pull the HU and check the red/black, [illumination] lead in the OEM radio harness, make sure it is capped off properly if it is not being used, if a harness adapter is being used but the orange or orange/white lead in the adapter is not being used that they are removed.

Make sure none of the OEM radio harness or HU wiring is getting “pinched” under the back of the HU

Although the above may not be the problem, it is the most common cause of the park lights fuse blowing.:whisper: 94

i’ll check but i highly doubt its that----
lets say its not, what else u think?

since you know it is in the parking light circuit… i would suggest that you pull all the parking light bulbs out in the front and the back… then turn on your parking light to see if the fuse blows again… if it doesnt then you know its either one of the bulbs sockets… just install the bulbs one by one to see where the defective socket is. (you may have probably have install the wrong bulb in the wrong socket…(a one pin bulb 1156 to a dual pin socket 1157)

hope this helps

def. check out that deck. i had this same problem and my illumination wire was grounding out on my metal frame that the radio mounts too

i kept blowing those fuses, and its because my OBD port was jumped…I felt so dumb.

obd port? the one by the computer?