DaTegLover's build thread

This is my 8th Da. I’m make this one special! :excite:

Back ground on car:

Stolen once in 2003, and again in Nov. 2010. Currently I’m in the process of getting the vin replaced. When it was stolen they removed the dash vin, door vin and fire wall vin. Due to them catching the thieves quickly, the car was identified and will still have O.E. vin. Currently in the engine bay sits a 1994 B18C1 motor with a B16 cable tranny (So I was told). All checked by Auto Crimes Task Force so its LEGIT!!! Car has fat fives, innovative billet mounts, and one pieces on it also. Enough now, pictures of new goodies will follow…

More to be listed…

we need pics, MEOW!

Here we go

New toys!!!


JDM !!!

A/c delete


NEW HEART. Just received a hour ago!!!

Nice… Soon to be torque-monster!

That box you called an AC delete, what is that exactly? I want to clear the hoses from the firewall but still keep my heat, Am I right on assuming that will replace said part?

Yes that is correct. No longer avail. from Acura.
Contact darussianone that is where I got mine.

K swap, nice :up:


What are you going to sale soon? The b16 cable tranny or the car?

Motor, tranny, clutch, flywheel, one pieces and innovative billet b series mounts. for 90-91 da or 92-93 db2.

Very Nice Homie. Keep the pics a commin :slight_smile:

thats a dream transplant in my book

cant wait 4 these to came up mate gr8 start go on

More new toys!!!
CR-V Engine Mount Bracket

Tranny shift fork

Im Shaft Hotness

6 speed!!!

Charge harness

I plan to follow this thread till the end. I plan on building an H2B DB1 for taking on K swap cars. I hope to have a chance to take on fellow DA/DB owners that have taken on this venture like yourself.

I plan to do much, but in the end it comes down to the money lol!!! Surely we will need a NATION WIDE MEET!!!