DB1_love's 91 RS B20 Build

Im just kinda setting up the place holder for my build thread right now. I already have alot of pics to post but i want to get things organized then post the build up.

the backround story: Basicly what started as a $1500 buy from an acquaintance turned into a problem child. I talked to the guy at a local car meet. seen him drive the car to work before, so number are exchanged, money is gathered and I go get the car. Things seemed ok, just your run of the mill 91 that had its fair share of daily use but didnt seem terrible. It had a B20b already swapped in and the body looked ok. i gave it a quick spin around the block everything seems good. this is where i let my impatience get the best of me. Turned out the car had been mistreated pretty bad. the harness had been altered, it had been in a wreck and the whole front support was a hack and weld job. the more i dug into the car the more bad i noticed. long story short with that; the car ended up finally dieing due to some unknown to me still electrical issue. So i pulled the B20 out and it sat on a engine stand with the dead chassis in my drive for a while. I got lucky that a friend had a bare chassis that his dad was getting sick of just sitting in the yard and so my project was restored at that point…well kinda. I did so basic swap work between the chassis’s basicly just trying to get the best stuff out of both the make the one car. then of course I get deployed and she has to sit for 6 months. the good thing about deployment is money. so basicly i had 6 months that my extra money was causing a mountain of boxes in my living-room that my wife was growing quickly annoyed with. thats basicly it. on to the build!

What i had when i left for deployment:
2- 91 RS chassis
1- B20b w/ LS tranny
a set of skunk2 sleeve-overs
a set of 15" knock-off rims w/ dead tires
a set of 14" stock rims w/ good all season tires (aka winter wheels)

parts ordered during deployment:
-YCP pistons
-Scat rods
-BC valvetrain kit
-B20 engine rebuild gasket kit
-316 Racing intake/exhaust studs
-Recaro pole position seat
-Planted seat rail, slider, and side mounts
-Megan resonated test pipe
-ACL engine bearings
-Ebay knock-off rear lower arms
-Project Godspeed coilovers
-K-Tuned traction bar
-Innovative shift linkage
-Innovative motor mounts
-Mishimotor radiator hose kit
-Password JDM shift knob
-Ebay steering wheel and hub
-Prothane suspension bushing kit
-4 Dunlop Direzza 205/50R15 tires
-Quarter panel replacment(long story, my buddies bro was drunk kicked the crap out of it and it rusted up bad, so i needed a fresh one)

So I returned from deployment and the ball got going on the build. Here is a pic of the chassis that died and the motor.
the old chassis

the B20 out of it

this will conclude this post. the rest will be photo heavy of the day to day progress i made. please enjoy and comment!

late june to mid july progress (i went home to see my parents for a few weeks)

the pile of goodies i came back from deployment to

how the car look when i got it back from JJspec (local performance shop) with the quarter panel replaced

in the garage on jack stands. (yes this pic is recent, but the car has been on stands since i got it back from the shop)

July 21 suspension work

removed skunk2 sleeve-overs on stock shocks. installed Project Godspeed coilovers, camber adjustable upper arms, and rear lower arms

was a pretty straight forward suspension install. since i swapped things from the previous chassis less than a year ago the bolts all still hadent rusted in or anything. the coilovers fitment is great and i cant wait to start driving the car so i can get the ride height, spring pre-load, and damper settings dialed in.

July 22

K-tuned traction bar install

i didnt take any pics of removing the factory parts. the k-tuned bar fits great and will def prove to be a needed part once i start hitting the track when the car is running again.

July 24

started getting things laid out and setup for the engine rebuild

my buddy brian helping me break down my 1st motor

everything intact and check out fine. it was obvious the oil wasnt changed as often as needed, but no damaged internals

26 June

got my recaro mounted. cant wait to hit the roads with my butt in this thing!

Planted seat bracket, sliders, and side mounts. everything fit great!

30 June

finished breaking the block down and gave it a heavy spray down with some degreaser. let it sit for a few hours, then we went to the car wash to blast the grim away.

being a goof ball, but happy to be making progress!

looks 100x better now

1 Aug

did alot of lil things on the car today didnt take alot of pics. cleaned up the interior, sewed together my own custom shifter boot, got the dash completely in, pulled out the passenger seat, all the rear paneling. pulled out what was left of a viper alarm, and then put in my innovative shift linkage.

cleaning out the interior

a good look at the custom shift boot, and dash together

swapping goods into the new shift linkage. my dog spends lots of time “supervising” my work

3 Aug

removed the powersteering pump, hardlines, and capped the system. continued work on preping the engine for rebuild.

p/s pump and lines pulled out

p/s capped off

all the goods from the block

Aug 4

did some interior work today. got the door panels cleaned up, speakers mounted and sound checked, used some lowes provided hardware and got the drivers side belt mounted onto the bracket. it will work fine with the Recaro for daily use. i still need to get a harness however.

Aug 6

got the new tires mounted and repainted the rims. they arent perfect, but look alot better that the black/chrome/red uglyness they were before.

Aug 8

getting the ball rolling on actually rebuild the B20 finally. got the crank back in, rods and pistons toghter. things are starting to head in the right direction.

new pistons and rods ready for rings and install

Aug 10-13

things were going to smooth i guess. my buddy teach how to put pistons forgot to clock the #1 so when we pulled it back out the #2 compression ring chipped. new rings have been ordered. I went ahead and decided to start working on the head since im gotta few days.

removing the old valvetrain goodies

scrub a dub-dub, this heads in the tub!

look at it all cleaned up

new valve seals in

carbon crusted valves

cleaned valves

BC dual valve springs and tit retainers

Nicely done, keep it up!

love the detail to the shift linkage man, very nice

updates will be coming soon. i “finished” the engine only to find out a few hundred miles later something was not right. pics of finishing the 1st build coming soon. and then pics of the damage and 2nd engine will be on there way.