DB1 Trunk Rust Take 2

I thought my trunk was leaking through the emblem, but even after fixing that, I discovered it was still leaking from somewhere else:

The trunk seal is still good. It’s the holes in the metal lip that are letting water in.

It’s just a daily driver with over 200K miles on it, so I need a practical fix that will get the job done without getting too involved.

I’m thinking rust inhibitor on the metal, and high temperature silicone sealant on the outside of the trunk seal.

How would you fix it?

sand off the rusty stuff. all of it cause even if you cover it up with something like rustoleum it will still grow like cancer inside. u definitely want to clear out and really bad areas. after u clean it up. use sealant like you mentioned, (or bondo to make new edges) to create a new seal over the holes that are leaking then spray it with rustoleum or something like that