DB1 v. DA9 Exhuast (Sedan vs. Coupe)

What exactly is the difference? The reason I am still running OEM style exhuast is beucase there arent many companies who make Cat Backs for the sedan. I dont want custom exhuast with a rice can, I want something that looks stock and sounds really really good.

So far my options are:
RSR Ex Mag ($548 http://www.autocarparts.com/part/1433/1) or the Greddy MX ($472 http://www.invidiaexhaustsystems.com/)

But the one question remains in my head, is there a way to make the Coupe Exhuast work on my Sedan. I’m sure there’s some difference, albeit the actualy length, the hanger points (as is the case with the 92-93 vs. 90-91 Thermal R&D Classic Systems). Please some insight would be great.


length of different parts, obviously - sedan has a longer wheelbase, and might be a different length from the canister to the tip. Any competant shop should be able to redo hangers and make an extension piece if there is a coupe exhaust you like.

Yeah same here. I’ve search long and wide for a nice catback system without that raspy sound but with bigger pipings that will bolt on. All I got is nothing. No company makes those kind of catback system. They only makes the raspy sound where you get pull over by cops.

I use to have a DB1 was about to do a RHD conversion on it except I got into an accident with it. I scrap the RHD conversion and strip down my car. Then I went through a few cars. From an EF Hatch to a 95 DB8 Integra 4dr RHD and now a 94 GSR. Which I’m planning to stay.

Maybe later on I’ll go back to the DB1 for a daily driver. Where I can sit in traffic without any worries of course it will be an automatic.

P.S., I did however talk to a company that is somewhat local. Located in the City of Industry in Southern California. Named Megan Racing. I believe they have the 4dr headers, catalyic converter, and cat-back system. I’m not sure if they made the cat-back system yet. I know they have the headers and catalyic converter.