DC cluster into Da

Quesitons… i cant find answers to.

  1. car wont start… when DC cluster is pluged in… when its unpluged it will try to but wont start???

does E-VSS needs to be installed to start?

all grounds are fine. power is fine… battery is great… fuses are fine, no melted wires… still no start

some one please help me out!! thanks


found out… that the main battery relay fuse is melted to hell… so i need to get one of them… im gunna get a couple of em… so if there is a short i can find it

Did the car start and run before the cluster swap? Just asking!

The signal wire coming off the vss is going to go the vss pin in the DC cluster which is blue with a white tracer at pin 6 of the 16 pin connector, you will also have to tap that same wire into the VSS output to the ECM which is yellow with a red tracer at pin 6 of C714 which is the 10 pin connetor. I’ve done the swap and everything works in my car perfect. Use one of the power wire’s to the cluster for reference to the vss and just ground it to the transmission. I ran the 2 wires through the hole where the speedometer cable went through at.

Buying a bunch a fuses isn’t going to help you find a short, you need a circuit breaker you can put in place of the fuse while checking for the short. I can’t tell you if it will start with it unplugged, sorry.


on my dc cluster its a orange wire for the Vss not a Blue/White wire?..

but i did get the car to start with the cluster in. it was the fuse for the battery… that sucker was melted bad… but what i dont understand is that before i even started the swap… the old DA cluster ground melted all the way around on the circuit board. the green thing on the back… so thats what i was trying to figure out… never seen out heard of it EVER… but thanks for the info… Noted…

ok got the car to start and run the only problem is the Temp Gauge doesnt work and the Blinkers are backwards. and im not 100% on the gas gauge… but the tack works.

Here is a post I made about my cluster swap. I have all the wires listed, might be able to check them with yours to see if you have them correct.


yours is the wire diagram i went of out… the only things not working are the temp gauge and Speedo… but i know why the speed o isnt working… because the Evss isnt hooked up…

everything lights work…

so i dunno…will the 99 civic Evss work with the GSR cluster?

Also found out the guy sold me a GSR cluster Not the LS he said it was… lol got it for 35.00 with plugs!!

The temp wire for both cars is the yellow/green wire. Should be easy. Maybe he sold you a cluster with a non working temp gauge? Got any friends with a DC that you can stick that cluster in and see if it all works?

its possible that the temp gauge doesnt work and ya i have a couple of friends with DC… its all good tho… got a Faze gauge!!