DC Headers 4-1

hey guys,

a friend of mine had a b16a engine with dc 4-1 headers and totaled the car and ended up giving them to me becase I annoyed the hell out of him about them, but I took off my headers and matched them up and realize that the 4-1 distance from the collector to the cat is to short (testpipe for me). but I really didn’t check the bolt-up pattern to the block but should it be the same? because I Got a muffler shop that says the’ll cut my testpipe and extend it for 20 bucks and then I got custom 4-1 headers on a b18a…

Coments, complains, and suggestions welcome.
(keep in mind these are FREE headers, and did not pay for them)

what should I do…

I think that you should give it to me:D

Or me.


92JDMgsr: How did you get 14.0 @ 92mph???

I’m one second slower than you, but with the same trap speed…

I missed 3rd and my car blew up 3/4 the way down the track so I coasted across the finish line.