DC Midpipe on DA question.

Yes, I did search (I actually replied to a thread about that 7 years ago lol) but all I get is “Why would you do that” and “The muffler exits on the other side”.

Why I’m asking: Exhaust too loud, want a street setup I can drive without being paranoid about cops. Oh and I have a DC Midpipe laying around.

So, has anybody compared the 2 generation’s Midpipe? Or actually tried to fit one? Any inputs would be appreciated.

(I am well aware that it needs modifications, I just want to know how much work is needed.)

Thanks a lot in advance!

best advice ever: just buy the correct part.

so what if you have it “laying around” or “got it from a friend”. its not for your car. theres no point in modding it to fit your car. just buy the right part for the job instead of trying to make the incorrect part work.

If you have one, you should just test it out and let us know. I’ve been wondering this for years actually and the more I look into it, the more I think that the EF/DA/EG/DC b-pipes are basically all the same except for minor differences in lengths on the ends where it connects to the cat or axle back portion and there are also some differences in hanger positions.