DC Short Throw Grind

I just installed my new shifter and am very pleased with the length of the throw and almost everything elseabout it. One problem I am having is, when I shift quickly it sometimes grinds. It has happened twice; once going from 1st to 2nd near redline and on a separate occation shifting quickly but not at redline from 2nd to 3rd. I have ground it in the past going hard into 2nd, and I am not sure if maby I’ve just been a bit overzealous with my new mod. Either way, does anyone know of an adjustment I could make to correct this and prevent it from happening again?
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yeh when i installed my shortthrow about 3 weeks ago, it had the same problem, grinding 1st02nd in high rpms…it went away aobut wweek or 2 later…i have no grinds now…i think its just breaking in bro

hope that helps

man I hope that grind does go away for you because if it doesnt that means your sincros are going bad. and when thos go you mite as well get a new tranny because they are extremly hard to replace.


Thanks tegrags and mrteg for the insight. I too am homping the grind goes away becasuse I have no money for a tranny! I don’t beleive that it is my syncros because it didn’t happen virtually ever before yesterdAY. If anyone else has advice or another reason for this grinding let me know. I am thinking it will go away and let me remind everyone including myself, it’s only happened twice!

see mine doesnt grind everytime only when I power shift it. Which it didnt always do it.

short shifters are bad news for trannies. it doesn’t give enough time for the syncros to work.

Could you please

Tell me more about the syncros. I am curious. WHat do you mean “it doesn’t give them enough timeto work”??