DC Tokico HP Shocks better for lower springs?

So, while i have been doing lots a research i havent come across this question. Obviously im on a budget and need the best setup i can (just like everyone else posting stuff like this) A friend of mine is lending me his H&R Race springs (the lowest drop) and now im on the search for shocks. I loooove the Illuminas however i like the idea of the Tokico Blues price if only i knew how durable they are with lower springs. The springs tokico offers in the kit with the HPs are for 1.4 and 1.2 inch drops. Im wondering how they would handle something lower, like the H&Rs.

I was thinking the shocks might be able to handle more abuse if i got DC shocks instead of DA, since the shock bodys on the rear is shorter. Ideas/thoughts?

Car is a 90 Integra. Primarily a daily driving, but used for Autox on the weekends. Im not toooo concered about the ride quality even though its a daily driver, but would like to have a semi normal/smooth feel.

get da shocks cuz dc back shocks will make your car higher in the front plus your really gonna have to compress your springs to get on your top hats. tokico blues will do just fine with h&r springs. my friend has that exact setup on his ek hatch and it rides great.

I don’t know if the HP’s have different valving for DC and DA applications, but it may be worth looking into. If I’m not mistaken the DC has softer stock spring rates than the DA due to differences in the motion ratio of the suspension. I personally don’t think the HP is up to the task of damping anything beyond a mild drop and near-stock springrate, but if there are valving differences between the DC and DA applications then it may be even worse.

I have HP’s on my daily driver DA matched up with H&R OE Sports (3/4" to 1" drop and 30% stiffer than stock), and there are times when it feels slightly underdamped in rebound. Specifically when hitting a section of road with frost heave (a hump in the road surface followed by a dropoff) at highway speed. I wouldn’t recommend pairing the HP’s with anything beyond the OE Sports.

Thanks for the input, i actually bailed on that idea and bought some Illuminas to pair with my H&R Race springs… love it!

Good choice!