dc2 front seats w/DA Seatbelt?

How can I put the automatic seatbelt thing on a dc2 seat?

Take off the box that’s on the DA Seats and put them on DC2 seats. Doens’t sound like much help, but everyone else will probably just tell you to search.

you should also know that the DC2 seats dont fit perfectly. ONly 3 of the four bolts line up.

So basicly, it’s just taking off bolts and attaching the box onto the dc2 chair without any modifications like cutting right?

Yeah but whatever you do, make sure you use all 4 bolts. 3 fit fine but the fourth doesn’t, so it may require a weld to fit properly in that sense. Just don’t settle for a decent job, make sure it’s done right. You don’t wanna be in an accident and have your seat rip loose.


we got some 99 GS-R leather seats and only 2 bolt holes lined up. I made brackets for the other 2. As for the auto seat belts, there are 2 bolts, the center one works fine, you might need to get a longer bolt. The second bolt hole doesnt line up so we elongated the hole about 1/2" with a dremel so we could get that bolt in. I wouldn’t recommend rolling with just one bolt, doesn’t feel safe.

Also, at least with the leather seats the seats dont fold up too well, the seatbelt assembly interferes.


how did u make the brackets?

I made them out of a steel plate I got out of the hardware store and a carriage bolt. Measure the distance the mount is off, put 2 holes in the plate that distance apart and square off one of the holes. Put the carriage bolt through the squared hole (so it doesn’t spin). The original bold goes thru the rounded hole, the seat goes on the carriage bolt. tighten down with a nut.

I added a pic I made with my mad MSPAINT skilz


DA seat bracket.JPG

thanks man

does anyone know if a DC back seat fit in a DA? I found a “2000 Acura Integra GSR 4-Door REAR BLACK Leather Seats” and I’m thinking of buying it for my DA