DC2 Mounts on a DA

My friend just sold me a set of Avid solid motor mounts out of his 95 2-door Gsr, he said they would fit in my 90 Ls… im looking at the bolt configuration and something doesnt seem right, i figured since its still a B series there shouldnt be any problems, has anyone tried doing this?

Either your friend is not really your friend and is lying to you, or he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. They will NOT work for your application. Even 90-91 and 92-93 mounts are different (and 92-93 gsr mounts are the same as 90-91 mounts).

:werd: you’re friend needs to give u a refund.

OR… on the flip side… if i was your friend… i’d be an even truer friend by teaching you a lesson if i said that you were assed out for not doing your research before buying a product.

Thats your deffinition of a friend :tsk:

OP, go get your money back

yea i figured that out after i went to Avids website and noticed there were different part numbers for each application, i got em real cheap so ill just post them on craigslist or something, that really blows tho, i wouldve liked to had them in my car… thanx again fellas