DC2 parts fit on DA's??

i did a search but did not find what im looking for…so any help please?..i was wondering if DC2 parts such as front lips, side skirts, etc. will fit on our g2’s… has anyone tried this?.:shrug:…what fabrication was needed?..any pics?..help is greatly appreciated:bow:

anyone??..help please:argh:

Theres a post on modding stock DC side skirts…

do a search for “gen3 side skirts”

skirts-yes with modifications
intakes-yes w/ mods (battery relocation)

thanx for the help…but wait one more thing…theirs no possible way that a 3rd gen lip would fit on our g2’s?..even with cutting or what not?..because i scored a wings west lip for free from a friend…i just need to go pick it up…if you guys have any idea of how this would be possible please help me…thanx agian

if i were you, i would sell the lip and get as much $$ as possible, then buy the WW kit made for ur car, unless you REALLY want the lip from a 3rd gen to fit

well right now im sortah in a low ballin state…insurence, 2 tickets, and i need two new tires…but anyway…so yah i just wanted to test it out…and see how it would look…im gonna pick it up today so is their any suggestions?..cutting?..because i dont have a digital cam so i need all the help i can get…tools are not a problem…so im ready to make whatever modifications are needed…thoughts??..

here’s an idea. since you need two new tires and since the lip won’t fit, sell the lip and get some new tires. oh, and don’t worry about the side skirts because you have two tickets to worry about. take care of those first, they’re more important than making your already nice looking G2 integra possibly look just a little better.

here’s the imagestation with pics to show how to mod gen3 sideskirts onto our gen2s’…


i saw a post a while back and someone made a WW DC Lip fit on a g2, but i never found the thread again. :frowning:

Has anyone ever tried to fit a g3 rear bumper on a g2?I was looking at it the other day and it looked like it would with some cutting.

yah by the way…i got that wings west front lip for a DC2…and i made it fit…but just need to drill some holes…i had to cut alot to make it fit…but it’s gonna look smooth when it’s finished…i’ll try and use my friends digi cam to show you guys since i dont have one…i also have a DC2 rear lip…but not sure if that will fit…i’ll keep you guys informed with my progress…peace once again:cool:

theres a interesting teg pic on the ‘yellow integra’ topic that i think is a dc2 lip with the integra imprint on a g2… wondering if anyone can confirm this since i dont know much about cars

umm thats an entire dc front bumper. notice how it has the circle headlights?

:lol: hahahah