DC2 skirts fitment

I remember seeing a imagestation awhile back about this. And I noticed they were a bit lengthy, I searched and it had resulted in nothing. I had also seen some previous threads on it but it said nothing about cutting and capping it off so its flush.

My further research had shown that EK sideskirts fit on EG’s, but they have to be cut down and capped . . . so it is flush with the body. what I mean by capped is this. .

(__________) < regular DC sideskirt

(_______ < cut to be flush with DA chassis

(_______) < cap from previous cutting fitted on.

To those who have done this mod, am I right? Im am very interested in doing this, but this is just a little something that got on my nerves. And if anyone still has that link to the Imagestation, can you post that up please?

appreciate it! :wink:

here ya go todd…

Just wondering how do you mount the dc skirts to our da’s? I know you have to do a bit of cutting and aligning but do u just tap in a screw straight to the bottom?

most of the time it’s screws, and double sided tape… not sure if it’s just anywhere on the bottom of the skirts, or on any points…

I need help on installing my DC2 sideskirts on my DA. I followed the instruction on the imagestation link but I just don’t know how and where to put the screws. I need your advice peeps…