DC5 type R cluster in a 92?

I found this really cool looking JDM Type R Cluster from a DC5 and I am wondering if it is possible to swap this into my 92. I guess the issues would be the plugs on the back and if they can plug and use the OBD1 ECU from my 92.

The item is for sale in the UK and I have a friend coming over who can bring it with him if it is possible to do.


Nobody knows? :frowning:

Im sure you could do it… but it would be alot of work im sure. So basically what it comes down to is would it be worth it to you. There is a guy who put a dc2 type-r cluster in his on here so check that out & talk to him about how hard it was to do his.

i know its been done b4 by someone on here. he had pics of it too, looks sick.