Decent header?

Whats a decent header for a decent price? Also where can I get them in Canada if you know?

What ones do you have? Much difference? Got times or dyno runs? Let me know! Thanks!


chikara torkstep for 189$US. else dc sports 4-2-1 for around 300. also depends on your goals but these are the popular ones. :search:

Yea but he wants one in CND and thoes 2 headers that you just mentioned are rediculous price to us! that dc sports header soo expencive! specially off the net! at 300$ us + about 50-80$ shiping international +about 120 cnd duty and taxes at the borders your looking at allot of $$ about 550-560cand + the 120 in taxes!

doh! i guess if i were you guys id look for used ones heh