trying to make a decision as to what to do to my 90 teg first. for starts my teg came with an ugly body kit which im trying to get rid of at the moment
but still kinda confused as what to do first

1.) lowering with skunk2 springs/tokico shocks

2.) removing front bumper and replacing with oem front with lip from

3.) i have 17’s on right now, but are terrible looking. replace with some 16’s just don’t what to get yet.

anyone with suggestions would be much appreciated, thanks.

Lower it. It will be probably be the priciest option, but its money well spent!

well how is she riding right now if its cool i say leave it for now. what i would do first is take off that body kit but thats just me

yea id like to do the same about body kit, only thing is that its my
DD at the moment. have to wait until i get the bumpers ordered. leaning towards that way right now.

Oem bumpers and a paint job is what i would do first or replace parts that need to be fixed

theres a place in sacramento that will hook you up on jdm bumpers. i got my front one with the support for 60 dollars

just go to some local scrapyards and c if they have them

wow $60 isn’t bad at all. I’m really leaning towards doing the bumpers first then going from there. if you could get me this guys number or link or anything at that matter would be awesome. does he ship?

ls webs look good on a da, and that are cheap and easy to find, but i would lower it then get rims. lips are a good idea but usually last on the list

the place is called venus auto parts. used jdm parts. i dont think he ships but i go to sacramento frequently and i could ship it out for you. 916-386-2286

I would do the bumpers first and use up the tread on the tires a little more, then do the wheels, cause there’s no point in lowering it until you settle on a wheel/tire combo and know your clearance without the body kit. My 2 cents

alrighty sounds good. id really appreciate it if you would do that whole shipping idea to me and all. you say only $60 for the front plus s/h and all. id be willing to do it asap. whenever your next in sac. 559-840-7942. once i get some free time here ill def. give you a phone call. thanks again