Deck install question

Can anyone explain what wires need to be hooked up to my deck… i bought the acura wiring harness and my deck is an older pioneer deck non mp3, just reg cd player. which wires need to be hooked up i kno its probly a tough question but not sure what to do hahaha! should i just match up every wire from the back of the deck with the same color as the wires on the harness and when i have none of the same test it out hahaha??? uhg

pretty much! there’s a standard colour code, so it’s pretty hard to mess it up

here is which wires go to which:

Yellow - Yellow
Black - Black
white - White
white/black - white/black
grey - grey
grey/black - grey/black
green - green
green/black - green/black
purple - purple
purple/black - purple/black

if you have an amp, which I dont think you do. hook up the blue/white wire to your remote line.