Defrost + Remote Starter?

Hey everyone!

I was just wondering if anyone ever did that? I would like to buy a remote car starter but I would love to have it turn on the rear defrost either when the car starts or when a specific button is pushed on the remote.

Hope anyone can help/answer, as I’m in no way a big electrical nerd :slight_smile:


I was wondering the same thing, elborintegra told me that on his Commando alarm you could use one of the aux outputs to do that.

cant do it.

im sure you could but it would involve some risky buisness. Im not an electrical guy but if you ran a line form a constant to the rear defrost but through a relay that was activated by the aux buton…ie a pulse or sumthing. It would also mess with the button though it wouldnt come on because your bypassing it.

Yes it can be done, you just have to get a remote start that has an output line that can be programed for pulse after start, you use that line to trip a relay that closes the defog momentery switch. no biggy, you could also use an EXT to trip the relay. [like trunk pop]

thats cool, thanks for the info, although my trunk and everything is manual, its a RS :slight_smile: its basically the defrost i want to turn on because of all the snow here

thanks alot, viz

YW :slight_smile: 94