del sol si's (blk)

just got a set of si’s off a del sol. they started out gray or silver.
2 cans of thick primer( filled all the little nicks and scratches)
2 cans of glossy BLK high temp paint.( oil and grease resistant)
2 can of clear coat.

also got the center caps in great shape.

Clean job. You should have pulled the valve stems out. Cause most tire shosp will usually change them when they install tires.

should have wet sanded between coats,
you can see a lot of orange peel. Other then that, good job on the DIY.


Also should have put some newspaper down, you painted your brick!

:up: for a DIY! I’d like to see them installed!


Good job! Maybe you should have…

looks semi-decent, you can see the curb rashes, and did u use all 6 spray cans on just 2 rims? if so…have fun balancing the tires.

also…keep in mind that when mounting the tires, the tire machine is gonna scrap the paint off the rims. that’s why most people mounts the tires first then mask it all up…then paint.