detailed directions on installing alarm??

i need help installing an alarm system. i had it professionally installed on my integ i crashed. i pulled out everything to it but didnt pay attention to how it was wired in. so i have no directions and really dont know what to wire it to. can anyone get me a website or detailed directions on installing it??

If you have the owner’s manual for the alarm, then that should tell you the functions of all the wires coming off of the brain/sensors etc. If you don’t have your owner’s manual, you might try downloading it from the manufacturer’s website.

Secondly, you should visit a car audio shop where they install alarms, and try to get a hold of a vehicle wiring diagram. For a G2, you might be able to acquire such a diagram from members here; try :search: first for that.

The installation manual from the alarm should tell you where to splice all applicable wires during your installation.

If you have not done this before, you might want to either involve someone who has, or just take the alarm to a professional shop and pay to have it installed. I don’t mean this rudely; I have no idea if you’re experienced in such things, but if you’re not, it is somewhat complex and so it might be a good idea to just hire a professional.

Good luck, HTH.

good looks fam… i’ve never done it before but i did take it out without damaging anything and im very electronically inclined so i think ill be ok as long as i can get the directions.

You can find wiring diagrams for almost any vehicle on as well as good descriptions on how to install alarm systems. I would also suggest getting a new wiring harness for the alarm if possible. This will make your alarm install cleaner.

Now if you are electrically inclined, then I say go for it. But there are some things you should be aware of. I don’t care how good and expensive your alarm is, if it is installed poorly then it won’t provide you with much security. Try to hide the brain in a deep corner where no one would think to look for it (not just tucked under the dash as that’s where the thieves look first), and be sure that your wires are as hidden as possible. Also be sure to test each factory wire to be sure it is the right one before you connect to it. You don’t want to hook something up wrong and fry your electrical system and/or alarm brain.

Steven Kephart
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thank u… those are good suggestions


Although I’ve never met Stephen, I’ve never seen him post anything with regard to car audio and/or car security that wasn’t accurate. I think you’d be wise to heed his suggestions.

Wow, thanks.

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