did a search: code 43 tach jumping, girlfriend moaning

k, i’ve done a search on this :read:, everything that deals w/ tach bouncing i’ve looked at delt w/ code 15…go to teg tips, well i don’t have code 15, i’m getting 43.
I’ve reset the ecu 3 times now and it’s still bouncing like from 1.5k- 6k w/out any engine reving at all.
Last 2 weeks, new b18a was installed (auto engine/manual car), reset the ecu, and it has been tough to start the car.

I’m going to swap out the distributor w/ the spare one and see how that goes, but if anyone has some extra advice please feel free to tell me what else to do.
I love my car, my girl, but i hate when one is not working and the other is bitching :whip:, so help me fix at least one of them please.

NO AFTERMARKET MODS AT ALL…all stock :drive:

damn smileys are fun

SO your engine was bolted to an automatic tranny? and you swapped it into your car with the auto tranny? Or did you swap the MOTOR only and bolt it to your existing 5 spd tranny?

as it says auto(matic) engine, manual(5spd) car…
the engine was pulled from an automatic and my car is a manual, pretty much meaning nothing other then the erg is not hooked up due to the fact my requires a clutch.