Did I break my differential?

Ill definetly take a look at the intermediate shaft and see if its ok and I will look at the speedo as well.Thanks for all the help so far guys.

That’s the obvious starting point, he shouldn’t even have to ask for something like that. Any mechanic (or even do-it-yourself car enthusiast) which does not check something that simple first to rule it out is a complete moron.

Yea they will check everything,its my cousins shop so its whenever he gets time to work on it (sometimes its a looooong waiting period).Thats why I came to you guys so I can atleast get a headstart on figuring out what I broke.

great! good luck with your trans issues, and sense your cousin’s working on the teg, maby you guys can put together a write-up lol just a thought.

glad to be of service


Im not so sure about a write up lol.I just went by the shop and I looked at the intermediate shaft and it looks ok as far as I can see(I need to put it on the lift so I can get a better view).I put it in gear and the speedo wants to move when I let off the clutch but the grrrrrinding is horrible.

it would have to be the axel on the passenger side of the car. its the axel that the tranny rotates, if it was the one on the drivers side it would still move. i would jack the car up take the wheel of and look at the axel. dont try and start it and let it gring more cause if you mess the teeth up on the axel or even worse in the tranny you are screwed. also if it is out when u push it back in it will pop in twice. cause u feel the first pop doesnt mean its all the way in so push it in until you hear two pops. also if it is all the way out take axel grease if you have any and put it on the axel splins it will help it pop in easier. if its not the axel well u might just be better getting a new clutch flywheel and tranny because it could be a thousand different issues.

+2 good advice^^^^

It isn’t limited to one axle, it could be either axle. Assuming the trans has an open diff… The trans will send all of the power to the broken axle even if it has to send it through the intermediate shaft first.

I’ve never seen a bad intermediate shaft.

Sounds like it’s time to drop that trans and start looking around, be sure to inspect the all the clutch parts before taking the trans apart.


Sounds like it’s time to drop that trans and start looking around, be sure to inspect the all the clutch parts before taking the trans apart.[/QUOTE]

Yea thats what I have to do but I have to wait on my cousin again =(. I recently put in a ACT 6puck non sprung clutch and XXtreme pressure plate and I have an 8lb flywheel as well so Im not sure if its the clutch/pp but I guess I wont know till they look at it.

i did the same thing… but this was during the winter, and my intermediate shaft gave on me 230 miles into the 500 mile break in. shrugs i guess the cold played a role in the rod failure… Good thing you don’t have 15 degree days in Florida !!! lol

Intermediate “rod”? Are you talking about the intermediate shaft? If so, HOW did it fail. I’ve never seen one go bad, and I’d be interested in learning some more about how they can fail.

ill start a new thread with pictures of my intermediate shaft failure.

I doubt itll help but it may to diagnosis is the problem 1st gear try reverse in case. Ima hop out this plane Y8ght?!

Just an update:The transmission was finally removed today and the diff is broke I looked at it and there was a piece of metal just moving around freely.I purchased a obx lsd and I am having that installed with stronger bolts and washers.