Did I break my differential?

Ok ,I went to the track last night and I got 1 run in. On my second run I lined up (I was only launching at 2.5-3k) when I let off the clutch pedal all I heard was alot of grinding and the car was not moving.So i thought I didnt have it in 1st gear all the way so I took it out of 1st and put it back in and it was just making a grinding sound again when I let off the clutch pedal.When I got off the track I tried it in different gears and it does the same thing,I checked the cable and that is fine So i have no idea what happened to it and I have to wait till next week to find out when the shop opens.Any ideas on what I broke?


I thinks you busted your axle.

I hope its just that

When I’ve had broken axles there was no “grinding” noise, so that makes me think it would not be an axle.

Can you put the transmission into all the gears?

Can you put the transmission in gear, let out the clutch and watch the rpm’s rise (even though the car is not actually moving)?

It goes into all gears without a problem and the rpms do rise when I let off the clutch the car just dosent move.

grinding… most likely ur axle broke… or it could be that it popped out. grinds… normaly doesn’t make a sound just like what colin said. so it might just not be in there fully… maybe the snap ring thing broke off. gotta lift it and see… see if u can move the inner joint side in and out. don’t pull on the shaft, but on the larger (hub?) part.

I have to work all day today but I will try that tommorow when I get to the shop.


When does it grind?

Does it grind when the car is in neutral?

Does it grind only when you are physically selecting the gear (shifting into 1st, 2nd…)

When you put the clutch in? When you let the clutch out?

When it’s in gear, clutch out, and you begin to rev?

[QUOTE=Colin;1862717]When does it grind?

Does it grind when the car is in neutral?

Does it grind only when you are physically selecting the gear (shifting into 1st, 2nd…)

When you put the clutch in? When you let the clutch out?

When it’s in gear, clutch out, and you begin to rev?[/QUOTE]

Only when it is in gear and you let off the clutch pedal
It does not grind in neutral
It shifts fine no grinds
Only when I let the clutch out

I just went by the shop on my way home,they did not have time to work on it but one of the guys said it sounds like the diff because they were pushing it backwards and they were hearing “clicking sounds” I’m guessing it was in neutral im not sure.

I can’t say for sure that it’s the diff, but unfortunately from what you’ve described so far it definitely sounds like a problem inside the trans and not something simple like axles or a clutch.

I was hoping that it would be something minor but I guess not.This is the 3rd transmission that took a dump in my car already.the last 2 were just the regular ls and they had signs that the were going out because the synchros were going bad.The gsr one that is in the car now shifts smooth no problems until friday at the track.

are you running a really high horsepower engine? or using slicks? Which gsr trans?

Nah my car is only putting out 140hp/125tq with the tune that is on it now and it was on street tires (with 20psi in them at the track).Its the short geared ys1

edit i forgot to mention it was a cable transmission

thats really strange that you’ve broken that many transmissions. What happened to the other ones? Just usual synchro problems? Cause I wouldn’t say that a bad synchro qualifies as your transmission “going out”.

B series transmissions, from what I’ve seen, are VERY strong and can take quite a bit of abuse. Yes, there are the usual synchro issues but that’s usually just a normal wear and tear thing, not something I would consider a huge “failure”.

My current viewpoint on cable b series transmissions: These transmissions are all very old by now, they are going to be worn out. You should expect issues. I would either buy a VERY used one and just completely rebuild it… OR buy a ys1 case & a VERY good condition ITR/CTR transmission then swap all the internals. I would not expect anything from an original (not rebuilt) b series cable trans unless I was miraculously able to find a very well maintained one with low miles — good luck with that!

well i doubt they would’ve been pushing it while it was in any gear aside from neutral. if it was making a clicking sound that means its not coming from somewhere other than ur tranny. cuz none of the gears is splined in with the output shaft when its in neutral… so that clicking sound is coming from the axles or something thats moving with it…

do u have lsd tho?

Colin- the 1st one(original with 180k) started leaking and had the usual 3rd gear grind.
I had it rebuilt( the transmission shop sucked at repairing it) it lasted about 1 month ,after got it back It grinded more and then it just got locked in a gear and never came out.The 2nd one ( not sure how many miles were on it) I think I broke something internally it would go in gear sometimes then it wouldnt and it would drive and “lock up”.Now the ys1 gsr has been good so far no grinds or anything signs of problems besides what happened last friday.I talked to my tuner he says he can rebuild them because I have 2 broken ys1’s at my cousins shop and Im probably going to have him rebuild the gsr ys1.

Squeezethis-Im not sure what they did at the shop but the guy who told me that is a dumba** because he is the one who argued with me that all gsr’s come with lsd and he didnt even know where the fill bolt was.Its a good thing he only pick’s up and drop cars off instead of fixing them lol.It does not have lsd but I heard that OBX makes a lsd im going to do some research on that and see if it fits my car.


The same thing happened to me (at my local 7-11)

First, Start your car and drop the clutch in neutral.( i know the sound makes you want to cry).

Second, Pop your hood, and stand over your driver side strut.

Third a flash light would help Look down to the transmission and at the INTERMEDIATE SHAFT. you can located it by roughly lining up with the break fluid reservoir and look strait down.

PART #21
If this shaft is ok, than your looking at a 40-80 dollar repair for an AXLE. If your shaft is snapped, and theres something dangling near the transmission, brace your self for a $300 price tag for a new oem, or $40-$150 for a junkyard part. But if everything is intact, than “I feel bad for you son, you’ve got 99 problems but the shaft ain’t one!” :slight_smile: thats racing…

also, this part is exclusive to our manual transmissions from 1990-1993 its a Male-Female (male to the transmission,Female to the driver side axle) the later years wont work because they are Male-Male(top of the second picture:) ). ALSO don’t be fooled and get a male-female from a civic or something like that, they are a different size than whats required for our cars.

Transmission: 90-91: S1, cable (right in the attached picture)

Transmission: 92-93: YS1, cable (left in the attached picture

Transmission: GS-R :YS1, cable “” “”

Ive been searching on this like mad for the past 5 months using honda-tech, team-integra, and goggle. The ONE question i have seen is does a intermediate shaft from a auto work in a manual the answer is no. one is shorter than the other. and they are rated for a different torque spec.

AGAIN if your intermediate shaft is ok, than you don’t have to worry about much because our axles are available just about everywhere in different qualities and even colors LOL. but if it is, this will come in handy because the major parts stores like: Napa Autozone Advance Murrays Pepboys DON’T EVEN HAVE INTERMEDIATE SHAFTS IN THE CATALOG!!!:werd:

trust no one do it yourself lol




ALSO if you can let off the clutch, and you see your speedometer MOVE this is the key.

THIS MEANS YOUR TRANSMISSION, LSD,etc, are fine. don’t get suckered into large labor fees. its happened before.


That’s a good point, I forgot to ask about the speedo. That’s gonna be a very good “tell” as to what is messed up.

it makes sense if it was your axle that came out. because that clicking sound can be the teeth on the axle hitting the gear on the transmission. id have them check the axle first before they drop your tranny and say hey it was your axle