didn't know exactly where to put this (exhaust??)

ok i installed an axle-back systen about a week ago and was hopin to get a better sound from it. i.e. low tone and louder then stock. well i can notice that the tone is much deeper but it’s not as loud as i’d like. due to the engine bein naturally loud, it muffles the exhaust. Well what things could i do that might give my exhaust that extra little kick of sound??? i’ve heard to adjust certain things like the cat or resonator but i was wonderin what you guys do to make that lil extra bit of noise.?

High-Flo cat and increase the piping size all the way from the cat to the muffler.

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I would have to say that you might need to open up the piping more if you really want that sound! I know you prob have a significantly better sound now but still the exhaust is leaving your car from (just an exageration) pea shooter sized pipeing to then hose size piping! In my opinion you might get the sound you want with a header and high flow cat! As well the b-pipe should be changed! So basically a cat back with header!

GL on the project and hope you get what you want!