Different H3 bulb plugs

I wanted to get some newer, brighter H3 bulbs for my fog lights. So I got some from my uncle. The problem is the plugs were different.

This is the one from my car

And this is the one from my uncles

I didn’t wanna just try and tape the bulb plug to the fog lights cuz I didn’t wanna mess anything up. Should I just cut off the plug from the old bulb and solder it to the new bulb?

Cut off spade connector and crimp on a new bullet connector.

Yeeuuuppp! Did PIAA’s in my GS, and just as he said, gotta cut the ends and change them, I opted for changing the cars… since I work at a auto parts store and I dont any H3’s that are bullet style, they all seem to be spades… I was skeptical about changing from stock, but meh.