Dim Headlight Issue

Anyone ever have a dim headlight issue because of the OEM housing? I’ve tried switching bulbs, wiggling the wires, checking the grounds, checking/pulling fuses underneath and engine bay fuse boxes. The only thing that seems to help is hitting the glass or hitting enough bumps on the road for it to fix itself.

Any input is appreciated.

I had a similar problem once and it was caused by a poor ground. But you said you already checked that… gotta be a bad connection somewhere if movement corrects it temporarily.

[QUOTE=TegFan;2321562]…The only thing that seems to help is hitting the glass or hitting enough bumps on the road for it to fix itself…[/QUOTE]It may just be a bad connection in one of the plugs at the headlight bulb.

Even though most of the connectors were packed with grease originally, those that have to be handled, or in areas where the connector is subject to vibration, can corrode over time. I had a couple like that at the front of the car when I first started driving it.

When the car goes over a bump, or when you tap on the headlight, the connector moves a bit, a good connection is restored, and then as you drive, it gets worse again. Since a bad connection usually heats up, the heat makes it corrode more, so it gets worse over time.

Does it happen to be only the driver’s side headlight?

No just passenger side.

You checked the ground bundle under that light, next to radiator?

Okay, the passenger side does it for me only too. I have JDM one pieces. I’ve rewired them to see if that works but no change. It would be dim until I jiggled the wires behind it, then come on like normal. But it hasn’t given me that problem for about a month now. I haven’t been able to pinpoint it, but at least you’re not alone :stuck_out_tongue:

I have not taken apart the bulb and looked at corroded connections though.

Yeah I’ve left it alone for now. Every now and then it fixes itself for a day. The high beam indicator is slightly lit in the cluster. Once it gets a little warmer i’ll get around to checking it out some more.

Yes, that’s exactly what I have too. For a while I thought it might have been the ICU, but after I had that repaired, it still came back.

Agreed, that it’s hard to spent time diagnosing stuff during winter.

Hate the cold.

It turns out one of my spade connectors got dirty and it’s been causing the bad connection. I think I’m going to re-wire all the connections to see if that fixes the problem.

I cleaned any connections that looked bad with Deoxit contact cleaner, and just apply new dielectric grease, and usually that is good enough. Factory connectors are actually pretty good on this car compared to some I have seen, and cleaning/grease worked well for me. I had problems with door switches, at the tail lights, radiator relay, one of the directionals in the front bumper…