distributor cap and rotor help!!!!

distributor cap and rotor help!!!
I need help, Im installing new rotor, cap, spark plugs and wire and I cant and dont know how to take the rotor off, someone please help me out here…quick!


When you remove the distributor cap, there should be a plastic cover, and on that cover, there should be a hole on the left side (if you’re standing righe behind the front passenger side wheel). Peek through the hole, the rotor should have a screw that you can get to from that hole. If you dont see it, crank the engine until you see the screw. Now you can remove the rotor. I hope i was clear enough.

screw is almost gone

I have been trying hard, feel like the damn screw if tighter than 50 or 60 pounds torque, I put penetrating oil on it also and still I cant get off, what else should I do???

If I remember corectly its not a screw buy you will need an allen key to remove it.

not an allen key

its not an allen key, but just a straight up philips screw and it will not budge, I tried pretty hard right now and I dont want to go any farther because Im afraid to strip the screw and if that happens then Im really screwed with my car… anyone else have this problem?


try searchin… woulda helped ya out sooner…

they are on so tight b/c they had a prob with them coming out and the rotor has play in it can cause all kinds of probs. any way put some blue loctite on it when installing back in thats what sussman acura told me to do.

Re: screw is almost gone

Originally posted by HorizonTeg06
I have been trying hard, feel like the damn screw if tighter than 50 or 60 pounds torque, I put penetrating oil on it also and still I cant get off, what else should I do???

When you buy a rotor from Acura it comes with a new screw. The new screw has loc-tite on it! So it is safe to say that is why your screw is on so tite!!! Just make sure that you are using the right size screw driver (so it doesn’t strip) , make sure you are turning it the right way and put some ass behind it. It will break loose. be carefull spraying oil into the distributer housing you could damage the igniter or coil components.

Horizon, had your problem last month

I labored over that furkin screw for hours. Just about gave up on it, but instead I put a little penitrating fluid on the screw, waited for a half hour then took a Needle Nose Vise Grip and clamped down on it. It turned out after a little bit of rocking it back and forth.
This WILL work, just keep @ it and if your getting pissed, walk away before you break something. Also, I believe the key to getting the bastage out was the rocking motion. If you go tight, loose,tight,loose…it will help break the screw free. Just keep after it, it will come out.

almost stripped

my screw on the rotor is almost stripped, I put a little penetrating oil on it, but notin happens after 30 minutes, I used the vise grips and you said a rocking motion as in turn it left and right or up and down??? any more little tips I should know??


given up pretty much

I pretty much given up on the rotor itself and changed out the plugs and wires, Im gonna take it later this week or the next to change out the cap and rotor to some shop, we will see

I worked on it for hours and it just isnt worth my pain anymore

The easiest way is to be working with the dist. assy on the bench. Just be sure you mark which way the keyed base fits on the shaft or it will be 180d out-of-phase (it won’t start out-of-phase). If you don’t want to remove the dist., I highly reccomend getting an offset screwdriver to do the job. I can’t recall what size phillips head I used but you can’t get the right torque with a regular driver. Use an offset and it will come off like nothing at all. Make sure when you use the offset that you keep your other hand pushing in towards the screw to give more leverage. If it isn’t working, you have the wrong sized bit or you stripped it off too much. That Hondabond stuff isn’t all that tough… a good slam of an offset driver will get you where you want to be in no time. It took me about 45 minutes of swearing at it with a regular stubby phillips and then I grabbed the offset… voila… Oh yeah… replace that damn screw and use a little locktite on it.

The next time I did it, I pulled the whole damn thing off and put it on the bench beside a bottle of cold beer. If you don’t have to do yoga moves under the hood, I’d advise working on a bench with cold beer.



Damn, I wish I would of known all this before I changed my distributor and a couple of days later my rotor fell off. I got to get some loctite now.

I didnt use loctite… mines all good…