Distributor issues, + and - are both hot?

Last week I picked up a 90 four door for my girlfriend. The previous owner told me that it’s not getting spark. I tested it and sure enough, it’s not. I gave the man some money and towed it home. I’ve spent a little bit of time looking at it and with the testing I’ve done, I have discovered that the positive and the negative on the coil are both hot when the car is turned to the “on” position.

I did some searching and I believe the + is supposed to be hot when the car is on, and the - is supposed to have a pulsing ground when the car is turning over. I haven’t been able to find anything while searching for this, maybe someone could point me in the right direction or chime in with some input.

get a new distributor…trying to replace a coil or ignitor isnt worth it…trust me alot of us g2’ers have had this problem…we tried to replace parts in the distributor didnt work out most of the time…just change the whole distributor …

where the heck is the distributor cap??

weight reduction? :think: Naa, I pulled it off while doing some problem solving.

I had planned on replacing the whole distributor, just wanted to make sure there wasn’t some sort of easy fix for this before I spend $300. Thanks man

just bought one for my DB for $177 off of advance using the BIG50 coupon to get $50 off

Installed a new distributor today, still won’t start up. I noticed that everytime I try to start it, it blows the ECU 10amp fuse that’s under the hood. Any ideas?

In my 91 Integra wiring schematic the 10 amp ECU fuse (No 38) feeds power to the PGM-FI main relay (main fuel relay) above the driver’s knees. Does the fuse blow only after trying to crank the engine or will it also blow if you go to position two (run) with the ignition switch? When you go to position two with the ignition switch does the check engine light come on for two seconds and than go out? Also, when going to position two with the ignition switch does the fuel pump run for two seconds and than stop? Power to the ECU first goes through the main fuel relay and than to ECU inputs (2), fuel injector resistors and ECU pump control inputs. See what happens to the fuse if you disconnect the main fuel relay and crank the engine? If the check engine light and fuel pump are not doing their two second thing (main fuel relay connected) and the fuse doesn’t blow when cranking (main fuel relay disconnected) I would be suspicious of the main fuel relay being shorted inside. You can bench test the relay, look at or smell the relay for any obvious physical damage or swap it out. Good Luck!

excellent advice. always confirm before replacing

The output of the injector relay in the PGM-FI Main Relay supplies power to the injectors, the ECU/ECM, [IPG1 and IPG2] and some engine valve/solenoids, I will have to check my wiring diagrams for a 91 to see exactly what else is powered, it could be shorted lead or solenoid. 94