Distributor Problem

Alright i did a search i know its been on here before cause i seen it just cant find it now :bang:. My problem is the shreds of wire in the distributor, i clean them out once in a while when the car starts running like shit. It runs fine when i clean it out but i ended up buying a dis. from a guy on ebay anyways. It came with an msd cap and he had two wires coming out of the distributor he said that he had them hooked up to a msd box.When i opened the distributor there are no sensors in it im thinking :wtf: i just got robbed. He said it worked fine for him. I just want to know if it would work without the sensors in it or can i take out whatever is falling apart in the distributor thats on my car know. -Jason

if he was using an external coil and ignition box then you have no way for that to work in your car unless you buy the same things.

It has the msd cap with external coil i bought a msd coil and waiting to find a good deal on a 6series box. But what your sayin is it will work without the sensors if i have all of the msd stuff hooked up. Thanks for helping me out

yep, as long as you’ve got the stuff it should be fine.

:clap: Thanks man i hope i feel some kind of difference when this stuff is hooked up

www.distributorking.com this is the best site for a distributor…