Distributor replacement

OK well the old distributor has been making alot of niose for a while and sounds pretty bad. So I am looking into replacing it. The thing is that I really don’t want to buy a fully remufcted distributor because I don’t even use the stock coil anymore. So I found the distributor on this site http://www.acuraautomotiveparts.org/acura/jsp/mws/prddisplay.jsp I think I just want the kit (part 4 in the drawing) they sell, that is basically the whole distributor body without the coil, ignitor, heatsink, cap and rotor. Since i also have the MSD cap and the rotor is pretty new im not going to replace those now either.

Does anyone see a problem with this. If the ignitor fails I can replace it down the line, and mine doesn’t seem to have any problems. I just need to get rid of the rattling sound coming from the distributor. Has anyone ordered this part before, does it have the body and bearing installed?


I’ve ordered one of those from my local acura dealership, and yes, it comes assembled.

I only needed to install the coil and ignitor, etc on it.

Don’t waste your money

I’ve have had the same problem. What I did was to remove the Distributor and drop a feel drops of engine oil into the shaft of the rotor, hold the Distributor upward so the oil runs into the bearing below. Then manually rotate the rotor until there is no more squeaky sound. This works OK for me.