DIY Amber Bumper Lights

so me and my guy went and bought some TAMIYA ORANGE spray paint from the store. that bottle was hecka small for $5. but anyways, we did the experiment. it was a FAILURE! we tried to spray my bumper lights amber but it did not work. we sprayed a coat. wet sand it. did it again. looked the same. nothing like the lights on probably YOUR CAR. so i’m asking for assistance. i know, i know…it’s in here somewhere but i don’t want to read it like that. i want to know your experiences and see how you did it PERSONALLY. it’ll help me out a lot and pics would too. thanks for reading. now, apply your knowledge!!!

please search, there are many threads detailing how a member painted theirs and their experiences. and i don’t understand why you don’t want to read it like that, since everyone is just gonna post up what has already been covered in past threads.

its also in the teg tips

damn, you know what. thanks for the advice man. you’re a great help. and i just notice, when peeps did their amber bumpers, they used the gel-like-brushed-paint. i used the SPRAY PAINT which was orange. damn, i knew it. thanks a bunch man. i’ll go and see what i can do with the other product.

glad i could be of help, hope i didn’t come off sounding like an ass.