dizzy swap problem

i swapped in a obd1 distributor onto my b18b head thats on my b18a in my 1990 teg (turning into a monster :hmm: ) but my delemma is that after wiring the dizzy with the obd0 plugs and installed, it wont start. it will fire only on the first turn. after that its dead. i couldn’t find anyone with my problem :mad: heres my wiring guide i used:
Engine Harness to OBD1 Distributor
Peach to White
White/Blue to White/Blue
Blue/Yellow to Blue/Yellow
Thin White to Peach
Peach/Blue to Peach/Blue
Blue/Green to Blue
Fat White to Yellow/Green
which i got from http://www.88-crx.com/ZC%20CRX%20OBD0%20to%20OBD1%20Conversion%20and%20Distributor%20wiring.htm i also confirmed it at a few other sites. im thinking either i can only use an obd1 dizzy with an obd1 ecu, or somethings not wired correct. any feedback will be appreciated. thanks, harry.