Do 94+ non-vtec cams have the same cam profile as 92-93 cams?

do b18b’s have the same cam profile as 92-93 b18a’s? I was thinking if 92-93 cams fit a 90 b18a why not b18b cams? Does anyone know if there more agressive tan 92-93cams and will they fit a 90 b18a?

they will fit fine in any non vtec b series engine. parts like that are completely interchangable.

i’m pretty sure they are the same profile as the 92-93’s. So all 92+ cams are the same. i’m not positive about this, but pretty darn sure. the 92-93 b18a had 140hp, the b18b had 142, and that extra hp is made because the ports in the head are larger. So, the 94+ cams might be a little higher profile, but i doubt it, and if they are its by only a VERY small amount.

ya im not 100% sure either but im running them fine but with a 95 b18b head also. should go in b18a fine. so ya newer the better

XDEep I am getting ready to put a 99 ls head on my car any tips

I wonder if B20 cams are better than 92+ cams? they are interchangeable as they are B series… and I can get a set really cheap so…:slight_smile:

b20 should be the same also

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XDEep I am getting ready to put a 99 ls head on my car any tips

ugh ya ive posted and replied to a few threads and they were kinda long so you should search for em instead. it basically comes down to changing the timing belt and removing the intake manifold. bring your car to a shop and have them loosen the crank pulley bolt for you with their impact gun unless you have the honda tool or a chain wrench and beefy breaker bar. careful with the lower pcv valve hose under the intake manifold as its very brittle and will break. in fact id just get a new one before starting. buy a box or two of zip lock baggies and a permanent marker to label every single nut and bolt you remove… since youre moving hoses around that havent been touched for a decade, its cheap and easy to just replace all the vacuum hoses, and better yet all the coolant hoses. and of course, use a torque wrench on everything possible. thats all for now, good luck :smiley: