do i need a FPR with my intake?

i have 90ls. i have a custom exhaust (with test pipe) and a short ram intake. My dad has a 93 civic with a short ram. his car was running lean on hills and the sort. he said he found out that the FPR or something like needs to be upgraded b/c the low restriction intake messes it up. i forget what he told me, i wasnt paying attention. i read on the forums something about this. someone said to reset the ECU.

now, what should i do? i may be running lean, but added the exhaust and intake to get a tad more power (i know they dont add massive power, but they still should make it run smoother with maybe a horse or two improvement). he said my car may be running lean because of it. should i reset my ecu? right now i am getting no check engine lights, or beeps or what ever when the car is running. resetting the ecu, will that mess up my car (i dont think it will, just checking).

thanks for any input.

no resetting your ecu won’t hurt your car and as for running lean I think you should run like a 91 octane maybe I am mixed up but I heard that you are supposed to run a higher octane when running lean but I could be wrong where in columbus are you located I live 15 min from columbus

north end. u know where easton is? im up about 305 miles west of it. where are you at?

reset ur ecu, ur suposed to after adding i/h/e. what happens when u add i/h/e u throw off ur a/f ratio (air fuel ratio)
say its 10/1 ratio (ten parts air to 1 part gas. that is stock. so when u add intake ur bringing in more air to that ratio, so ur new air fuel ratio will be like 20/1. that is no where near stockl.

here is where resetting the ecu will come in. the 10/1 part is stored into the ecu (which is the cars computer) so u have lots more air than gas but the car doesnt realize it, thats why its running lean.

when u reset the ecu it will adjust to fix the problem. it will tune the car to run w/ maybe a 20/10 a/f ratio.

easy to understand?

and no u dont need a fpr because the ecu can fix ur problem. now if u get i/h/e and cams and other high tech engine mods thats when u get the fpr


and dont forget to :

305 miles west do you me 35 I live in ashville ohio