do i need a tune?

So recently i swapped a b17a1 in my 92 integra, has straight pipe, integra type-r intake manifold, intake and a p28 chipped ecu with ITR map… ever since the swap my gas consumption has increased dramatically. Do i need to go get a tune? The mechanic said i dont at first, then i asked him about the gas consumptoon and he said it should be better after a tune. I’m just wondering what your guys opinions would be.

get it tuned

Tuning it may or may not fix your gas mileage problem, but you should definitely tune it regardless of that.

Are you still using your LS transmission?


It’s always best to run a custom tune. AFR will never be spot on otherwise

Yep. Still running my ys1 transmission

I only get a CEL when i let go of the gas and let the car slow down on its own.